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Everyone is unique, everyone learns differently, and everyone should enjoy their educational journey. Whether it is the foundations laid out in preschool, passing a career based aptitude exam, or the highest grade in a University class, your success means everything. 


Because we do not belong to any one institution, we work with homeschool, distance/online learning, brick-and mortar, independent schools, universities and other test-prep facilities. We are fortunate enough to see a broad range of connections between institutions and possible ways of making almost any educational path work. 


We are here to provide first-class tutoring, and research based support whether it be for a student using a hybrid of home-school and distance learning, support for a student athlete while they are travelling, or assisting a family with finding funding for their special needs child/teen.


We do our best to keep our rates inclusive, fair and simplified and are happy to accept third party funding, or offer no-interest payment plans when necessary. 


You come with your own set of values and expectations, and we respect that. We tailor our assistance to you, not the other way around. 


Whether you are looking to go from a C+ to an A grade, looking to pass a class at the last moment possible, or needing to pass a career based aptitude test, we meet our goals, when you meet yours. 



We keep a unique group of tutors with complimentary skill-sets to create an eloquently diverse team; this seems to be the best way to ensure every angle is assessed when working with students who require a collage of skillsets through a single person. 


We are so excited to be offering our services in the new location of 8A - 750 Fortune Dr., Kamloops BC. 

This is our first place 100% designed four our students needs with a flair for academic creativity. 

We have a student lounge, 3 dedicated group classrooms, 3 one-one-on-one tutoring rooms, and a soundproofed inviglation room for when you want to write an exam in peace and quiet!

Quality over quantity. Every time.   


We offer individualized, one-on-one tutoring in-office, on-line, and at our students homes by tutors who hold a minimum of a bachelors degree. 


Our services cover tutoring for the core academic areas of Mathematics, Sciences, English, Social Studies, and Arts. We work with students ranging from grade 2-12, undergraduate students, and post-graduate candidates.

We are happy to use curriculum from other sources, or to design our own to meet the student's outcome requirements. 

Academic Tutoring

Educational planning is our art. Some people paint, others sculpt, we plan. 

There is nothing better than seeing our students succeed. We have worked hard at building positive relationships with educators in varying types of institutions and have plenty of first hand experience in navigating the depths of the educational system in British Columbia. Whatever your goal, we are here to help navigate a path. 

Educational Planning 

For when passing means everything. 

We understand that in most cases, passing provides a shot at a complete career change, or entrance to the perfect school, and we take that seriously. We have wonderfully personable tutors who are experts at test preparation, and know the tests that they are training their student's for. 

Test prep is one-on-one only, as this allows us to prepare each student as quickly and thorogoughly as possible. 

We provide training for the following tests/exams:

TRU Accuplacer

HVC Accuplacer (Sylvan Test)





Test Preparation

Silence to think, adaptations tailored for you...and a coffee too? We have a freshly designed room just for you!

Come write tests with us. We are happy to advocate for your accommodations, and provide an invigilator upon request.

Some features of our invigilation room include:

  • interior window

  • soundproofed room

  • wheel chair accessible

  • special lighting aimed at reducing eye fatigue


Sitting fees are calculated based on service requirements and duration of test.

Test Invigilation

Hybrid Education

Not every path works for everyone. 

We are fortunate enough to work with brick-and-mortar, Public, Private, Independent, Distance Learning and Distributed Learning schools as well as other wonderful teachers, tutors, and academic mentors.

This means we have easy access to the connections between learning facilities and are happy to assist our students and their families with the details. 

After 4 years of requests, we are proud to finally offer our first year of a full scale educational program for students ranging from grade 3-5 and 6-9. From curriculum design, to lesson implementation and reporting, we take care of it all. We have many options, you choose the path, we make it happen. 

Knowledge provides us all with an opportunity to create the best life possible. 

Our new space is open to accepting bookings for your next educational event, whether it be for the knitting/book club, art/guitar/reiki/vacuum repair class, or for professional development training exams, we have up to 6 rooms for your needs. 

Please contact us for more information 

Educational Hosting


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