Everyone is unique,

everyone learns differently, and

everyone should enjoy their educational journey. 

 Whether it is the foundations laid out in elementary school, saving a grade in high-school, or scoring the highest on a career based aptitude exam, your success means everything to us.


Our elementary tutoring programs are carefully designed to encourage students to explore fundamental concepts and master them through practice that feels like playing. The outcome of such careful planning and purposeful education reaches far beyond basic expectations, and sets each student up for high levels of success in later studies. 


Our goal for every one of our high-school students, is to help them not just score high on their tests, but to help them enter into whatever post secondary program they desire. We believe that High-school is about learning to make effective choices, and learning to meet the goals associated with them.


Every grade counts and when the competition is high, stresses can be high as well. We're here to help alleviate that stress ensuring you know your material from every angle.

For when passing means everything. 

We understand that in most cases, passing provides a shot at a complete career change or entrance to the perfect school - and we take that seriously. We have wonderfully personable tutors who are experts at test preparation that will have you so well prepared that we guarantee you'll pass*. 

Test prep is one-on-one only, as this allows us to prepare each student in a professional and efficient manner.

We provide training for the following tests/exams:

TRU Accuplacer*

HVC Accuplacer (Sylvan Test)*





Stuck at home? Learn for the fun of it!

Increase your effectiveness in life, and have fun while doing it 


There are a plethora of benefits to learning a second language ranging from increased self esteem to more flexible thinking.  We have the best French tutor around to bring you from a beginner to full fluency and have fun while doing so! You can even prep for your esteemed DELF exam by a registered examiner.